The quickest way to disable MTP Media Player

This will show how to solve the MTP Media Player prompt up on the new USB devices, which disallow you from browsing the devices content using Windows Explorer. I will show you the fastest way to disable the MTP Media Player, without hurting anything and you could also enable MTP Media Player later as well.

Sony Walkman NWZ-B135F

Sony Walkman NWZ-B135F

This is the latest gadget i bought myself, the new Sony Walkman NWZ-B135F. Comparing to the previous model, NWD-B105F/B in term of the functionality it has added the Bass option, and it need only shorter recharge time and longer playback time.

Recharge Time
NWZ-B135F/L – Approx. 70 mins
NWD-B105F/B – Approx. 120 mins

Continuous Playback Time
NWZ-B135F/L –
Approx. 16 hrs
NWD-B105F/B -
Approx 12 hrs

This is what happen when you insert the Sony walkman into the computer, which running on Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Media 10 and above. The MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Media Player autorun.

The main purpose of the protocol is to transfer media files and associated metadata to/from devices, with optional additional support for remote control of the device, reading and setting of device parameters

The MTP features is almost useless, if you’re using WIndows Media Player 10 and below, therefore I could not rename my recording or even copying the recording to my notebook. Not to mention, added songs into it. If you notice the MTP Media Player autorun, only allow media player to manage your device.
MTP Media Player

MTP Media Player

If you go to your My computer, you will not see your device drive as well. You will not even have the eject tray icon in your taskbar.
Walkman not found in My Computer

Walkman not found in My Computer

Here will be the quickest way to disable the ignoring MTP Media Player.

1. Right click on My Computer -> select Manage

Right Click on My Computer

Right Click on My Computer

2. Go under System Tools -> Device Manager

3. Look for your portable device, for this case it is under Windows Portable Devices -> Walkman

4. Right click on Walkman, select Update Driver

Device Manager Windows Portable Device

Device Manager Windows Portable Device

5. Select “Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)

6. Click on “Next” button to continue

Hardware Update Wizard Specific Location

Hardware Update Wizard Specific Location

7. Select the option “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install

8. Click on the Next button

Hardware Update Wizard Don't Search

Hardware Update Wizard Don't Search

9. Choose the USB Mass Storage Device and click on Next button and finish the process.

Hardware Update USB Mass Storage Device

Hardware Update USB Mass Storage Device

10. Finally, you will be able to usee the USB device in your my computer.

My Computer USB Walkman device found

My Computer USB Walkman device found

If you have question, or a better way of disabling the MTP Media Player, just drop me a comment below. Cheers.

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