Solved: The document could not be opened for editing. A Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application could not be found to edit the document.


An error occur when opening Microsoft document in stored on SharePoint using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

“The document could not be opened for editing. A Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application could not be found to edit the document.”


Operation System: MS Win 7 64 bit
Browser: Internet Explorer 8
MS Sharepoint: 2010
Office: MS Office 2010 & 2013




1. Ensure that you are using Internet Explorer (32 bit) not the Internet Explorer (64-bit)



2. Verify the “Sharepoint OpenDocuments Class” addon is installed and enabled. If it is not reinstall Office.




  1. Go to Tools in IE, click Internet Options
  2. Click Programs at the top
  3. Click “Manage add-ons” near the bottom
  4. Click Publisher, then you can see all of Microsoft Corporation together
  5. Scroll to SharePoint names (May be one or several)
  6. Make sure they are all enabled by clicking on the name; the Enable button is towards the bottom.
  7. Then click OK and OK and restart IE



4 Tips your must know before getting your Mobile Broadband

I am someone that heavily depend on the Internet, in fact just recently I thought of what would happen if one day when we woke up in the morning and there is no more Internet. I’ve got difference responds on that, some said that they’re pretty o.k with that, while others said there is lot of other things that they could still do, and ones feel that Internet pulls the distance between human.

As for me, I felt that Internet brings us closer, and an live example of me is where by using Internet I ‘ve managed to get back in touch with my primary school classmates after 13 years and now we are planning for our first reunion gathering (which fall on this coming 31 October 09) using Internet. We also share ours’ life journey (photos, thoughts, even interesting things that bump into our’ life) over the Internet. Lastly, the Internet pays my bill, without it (the Internet) I will be losing my job.

Therefore, I am very careful at choosing my broadband provider and you know that you would not want to make the wrong decision, especially when every broadband provider is trying to lock you with the 12/24 months contract.

Here I would share with you the few tips which I have told to my friends and family, which have helped them in choosing the right mobile provider and broadband plan. (Disclaimed: This is solely my personal opinion, and I am not paid in any form yet but any donations/contributions are welcome :p however that not going to change my opinions towards anything, unless I got a more reliable broadband)

first tips – Do not signup for any contract plan with anyone, as you do not want to be tight down by the contract shall the broadband provider unable to deliver as promised. Even you have tried the 1 week trial and it was working great at your area. (I will share more with my experience next post, on how the broadband provider under perform after some time, and YES! I did not signup any contract with them. Now I am free to change to any provider, so you get the point)

second tips – Mobile broadband or not? Mobile broadband gives you the flexibility to online at the go, but it you do not need the mobility or if you intend to do a lot of download/watching online video streams then you should go for packages that has no bandwidth cap or plan with a larger bandwidth quota. (Bandwidth is the amount of data you could transfer/receive between your computer and the servers.) Once you have exceeded the allowed quota. You will be either unable to surf the Internet or your “request” you will placed as the lowest priority depending on the availability.

third tips – What Speed to choose? 384Kbps transfer speed is good for one person usage and simple web browsing with one video playback at a time. (most of the time you will need to leave the video for buffering before playing it) Another important note, is that even you are getting for a higher speed package make sure your Internet provider has a good reception at your area. (I’ve signup for the 3.6 Mbps plan previously, but I never be able to get the full speed which at the max I am only getting 384Kbps on few regular places that I go to. I then downgraded the plan to the 384Kbps plan, so you get my point in the first tips. NO Contract!)

forth tips – Get the free trial run, especially for mobile broadband. Because it would largely depend on the signal coverage in your area. Ask for the 1 week free trial, and most of broadband provider will allow that. (some will check if your area has the coverage, but you would want to see it with your own eyes and test it yourself.) In fact, some who have tested fine during the trial run but thing turns bad after the signup, so again you see why I said don’t get yourself into the contract. (see tips number one)

Here, I have taken a comparison chart from Digi website comparing against the few other mobile providers (like they always like to do), this is the comparison of their most basic broadband plan, Discover plan with other similar packges by the others. This is a very daring move, and you need to be very competitive to do that. (see the comparison chart yourself)

If you would like to see other plans comparison, you click on the following link

- Extreme Plan –

I have not used Digi broadband service myself, but looking at their plan is pretty attractive but it would come back to their coverage. They might not have a very good coverage yet, since they are still new in the broadband market. (just like how P1 first started)

Digi also provides a very useful tool on their website to help you in deciding which broadband package to choose, see the  Plan recommender – I have tried the Plan recommender, and it suggested me the Discover Plan which is the similar to my current broadband plan (Celcom basic)  so I believe the plan recommender is pretty good in assisting you to get the right plan.

I would also like to show you the creative advert I have created using a photo I took during my recent trip (the last raya holiday, 21 Sept to 22 Sept) to Sg Lembing for the Sun rise. The trip was awesome, and this photo was one of my favorite.

It illustrates that, our’s life is like a “Jalan Sehala” (one-way street), there is no turning back so everyone should live your life to the fullness while you can and you should make the right choice in your life too, and it also matched the Digi’s tagline “Digi – Always the Smarter Choice” .. remember my first tips. NO Contract! or else it will be a “one-way street” for you.

so you think this made it a good advert? Vote for me if you like it and share with your friends too (btw, clicking here, would give you a full resolution, of the picture if you want to use it as your desktop wallpaper or you could use it to send to your friends)

Life is a One-way street, make the right choice! Digi always the smart choice.

Life is a One-way street, make the right choice! Digi always the smart choice.

All right, it is already 5.30 in the morning, shoot I forgot I have to work tomorrow, time to sleep and I took almost 6 hours to write this blog post, heck my “England” is not good.

Do vote for me, if you like my advert design, vote for me here – and tell your friends.

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The quickest way to disable MTP Media Player

This will show how to solve the MTP Media Player prompt up on the new USB devices, which disallow you from browsing the devices content using Windows Explorer. I will show you the fastest way to disable the MTP Media Player, without hurting anything and you could also enable MTP Media Player later as well.

Sony Walkman NWZ-B135F

Sony Walkman NWZ-B135F

This is the latest gadget i bought myself, the new Sony Walkman NWZ-B135F. Comparing to the previous model, NWD-B105F/B in term of the functionality it has added the Bass option, and it need only shorter recharge time and longer playback time.

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