Reaching your Federal Terrotories Minister, Nong Chik on Facebook

Datuk Raja Nong ChikMalaysia’ Federal Terrotories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin stepping into the social media to engage with its people via Facebook. His motivation towards the use of social media is to have a sense of belonging to their neighbourhooad among younger members. Datuk Raja Nong Chik posted his status update on the April 24, 2009 to date he has over 560+ members (as per 09:30AM 29/05/2009) on his Facebook fans page. (updated at 11:31PM 29/05/09, he has got 666 fans)

During an exclusive interview with Star Metro at his office in Putrajaya, he confessed that “I was little nervous at first as he slowly typed out responses to queries and complaints by the public” but after 45 minutes using the Social Networking platform, he became confident and was even inspired by some of the feedback he received from the city resident. He will be answering questions live on Facebook every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm. It is really good to see a politician figure in Malaysia taking the initiative to engage and connect with the people by adopting the changes in people’s way of communication.

Following are some quote from the interview with Star Metro, you could also read Star Metro coverage online at Nong Chik reached out via Facebook.

KLnites (referring to the residents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) are indeed IT savyy and I know that this is the way forward.

Even if I go down to meet the grassroots, I can only meet a limited number of people, but that with Facebook he would be able to interect with the community more regularly.

I would be updating the status of my Facebook on issues brought up by the resident and apart from phone calls, letters and faxes, this Facebook is another platform to solve residents’ grouses

When connected, people are communicating with me on a personnel level and they are familiar with the way I think. They may not hae met me face to face but we are connected on a personal level


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