How to ActiveSync using bluetooth

This is the guide on how to sync your phone via blue tooh without using the USB Cable/Data cable (Microsoft Active Sync) We will start with the configuration from the Computer,

STEP 1: First go to your Bluetooth configuration, for my case it is located in the System Tray (right clicking on the Bluetooth icon, and choose Bluetooth Configuration)


you can Go to Control Panel -> Bluetooth Configuration For this example, it is Port 7 (Bluetooth Serial Port) You could have a bluetooth Serial port, if you have installed Microsoft ActiveSync, if not you could manually add a Bluetooth Serial Port.

Bluetooth Configuration

STEP 2: Next, we wll need to setup your Microsoft ActiveSync. Make sure that you have previously sync using a cable, and has already setup the partnership between your mobile and computer.

Go to your Microsoft ActiveSync File -> Connection Settings

Microsoft Activesync menu connection settings

In the Connections Settings allow the connection to the bluetooth com port. (For this case, we’ll select com port 7)

Microsoft Activesync Connection Settings

On your Windows Mobile

STEP 1: Make sure the Mobile Phone, and PC Bluetooth are turned one. Go to your Windows Mobile Bluetooth settings (as per screenshot below)

Select the Computer (my case WINXP-4811BB284), if your Computer is not here, click on Add new device to search for your PC.

Windows Mobile Bluetooth Setting

STEP 2: After that, you should see the following screen. Tick the related services that you need, (we will select ActiveSync and OBEX File Transter)

For some case, you will not see ActiveSync. Select Serial Port as alternative.

Windows Mobile Bluetooth Setting - ActiveSync

STEP 3: We’re almost done, now open the Microsoft Active Sync program. (it will be in your program files) Click on Menu -> Connect via Bluetooth and wait for it to establish the connection.

Mobile Active Sync - Connect via Bluetooth

Mobile Active Sync - Connect via Bluetooth

Finally, after it is connected, just click (touch) the Sync to sync with your computer and DONE. Anyway, after you have finished the synchorization, make sure that you disconnect the activesync or turn off your bluetooth. As you don’t want it to drain your battery.

Microsoft Active Sync Program - Sync

Microsoft Active Sync Program - Sync

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How to remove unwanted input method in WM 6.1

How to remove unwanted SIP

search below for each type:

Samsung Panel (at 63th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Keyboard (121th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Letter Recognizer (122th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Block Recognizer (123th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Chinese writing (211th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Samsung Phonepad (323th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Samsung Keyboard (324th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Samsung Keypad (325th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Transcriber (390th)
IsSIPInputMethod > change 1 to 0

Source: Wizard tweak @

How to increase the volume in Samsung Omnia

Here is the tweak to change the volume for the Samsung Omnia, using the WM9731 Control Util (SGH-i900 Grandprix Version 0.1)

dial *#0002*28346# on your Omnia,
increase db slowly (+3dB) in order not to damage your speaker

Here is the default setting, (in case you would like to revert back)

Audio Control - Normal - Handset Default Setting

Audio Control - Normal - Handset Default Setting

and this is my setting, for the AudioControl

click Menu > Normal > Handset
Default settings
DAC(0C) (digital to analogue) = -4.5 db (my setting -1.5db)
SPK(02) (speaker) = -3 db (my setting 0db)
MPBST(22) = +12 db (same)
RBST(14) = 0 db (same)
RVOL(12) ( radio volume) = 21 db (same)

Menu > Apply & back (to continue, once complete all, click ok)

Following is the screenshot of my setting,

Audio Control - Normal - Handset My Omnia Setting

Audio Control - Normal - Handset My Omnia Setting

I am leaving the rest as default, by if you would like to change the other volume as well. Here is the references.

click Menu > Normal > Headset
Reference Setting
DAC(0C) =  1.5db
HP(04) (handphone volume) = -9db
MPBST(22) = +24 db (no change)
RBST(14) = +20 db(no change)

Menu > Apply & back (to continue, once complete all, click ok)

In case, you want to revert back to revert back to the default settings,

Menu > Normal > Handset
DAC(0C) -4.5
SPK(02) -3
MPBST(22) +12
RBST(14) +0
RVOL(12) 21

Menu > Normal > Headset
DAC(0C) -1.5
HP(04) -12
MPBST(22) +24
RBST(14) +20
RVOL(12) -1.5

Menu > Normal > Camcoder
DAC(0C) -4.5
SPK(02) -3
MPBST(22) +12
RBST(14) +20
RVOL(12) 15

Menu > Talking > Handset
RCV(02) -3
RX(16) -3
MPBST(22) +12
MVOL(0E) 0
M2BST(10) +0
TX(08) -6

Menu > Talking > Earjack
HP(04) -7.5
RX(16) -6
MPBST(22) +12
MVOL(0E) 0
M2BST(10) 0
TX(08) -6

Menu > Talking > Speakerphone
SPK(02) -1.5
RX(16) 0
MPBST(22) +12
MVOL(0E) -3
M2BST(10) +0
TX(08) -6

Menu > Talking > BTMono
ADCV(12) +4.5
RX(16) -6
V2M(18) -9
TX(06) -9

Address 00
Value 0000

[Omnia] How to save device memory or internal memory

The tips are adopted from “Wizard” post at (the great forum dedicated for Samsung Omnia) but I have selected few tips that i used and a few other that I enhanced from the original tweak. I will continue adding to this post, if I found any other tweak. Please comment and share, if you have any great tweak.

Figure  below Shows the Before, the change and the After of the Registry Edit.

01. Install the program into My Storage or Storage
Just made this a habit, to always only install program to your My Storage or Storage card. Do NOT install it to the “Main” storage, but personally I would prefer installing in My Storage. Why? just keep reading ..

02. Shift cache, cookies & history to storage card
Unlike the instruction showed by Wizard, I pointed it to My Storage (the built-in 16GB memory) instead of the Storage Card because sometime we might need to remove (upgrade, replace) the External Memory card. So you see the logic there yeah? I think i made my point, but if you think it should be the other way round then share with us in the comment.

HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/Shell Folders

Value Name:
> change to >
\My Storage\Temp\Cache

> change to >
\My Storage\Temp\Cookies

> change to >
\My Storage\Temp\History

03. Shozu autorun consume about 400kb of memory.
Deleted it
HKLM\init\Launcher140 delete value name:”Launch140″ value data:”\Windows\shozuRcp.exe”

04. Replace 8 X Samsung Wallpapers with 0kb Samsung Wallpaper
You have to replaced it will a smaller file, because even if you delete the 8 Samsung default wallpaper, the WM will create by itself in the “Windows”. This tweak would save around 984kb disk space from your omnia phone.

01_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb
02_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb
03_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb
04_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb
05_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb
06_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb
07_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb
08_Samsung_wallpaper.bmp    123kb

05. Disabling Samsung Dialer to increase 10mb memory
You can increase 10Mb of RAM by simply disabling Samsung dialer. While the Samsung dialer is pretty useful it can sometimes be sacrificed for higher speed.

By using Registry Editor

“Enabled”=dword:1 – Change to 0 and reboot your Omnia

So you will have a standart windows dialer without any screen lock thing from Samsung and app. 10mb more of free memory. The only thing you can regret is the vibro on dialer buttons